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Product Specification

Vision Monitor model

  • Is a universal and compact stimulator combining all the necessary characteristics to the realization of flash and pattern VEP ERG exams and sensory EOG complying with international standards
  • It includes a near infra red camera
  • It includes a near infra red camera for monitoring eye fixation and electrodes
  • It allows the realization of multifocal ERG and VEP exams as well as psychophysic exams such as visual field, contrast sensitivity, glare test and much more

Vision monitor stimulator

  • Is a "ganzfeld" stimulator for flash ERG and flash VEP exams and sensory EOG
  • It can be coupled with a pattern stimulator for VEP and pattern ERG stimulations exams
  • It includes a near infra red camera
  • The version allows the realization of standard ISCEV protocol (white flashes) and red and blue stimulaitons with programmable intensity and duration.
  • The  "plus" version allows a wide range of research protocols such as: – very high intensity flashes (up to 100 times the ISCEV standard flash) for the study of A waves saturation, – blue flashes over a yellow background for the study of S cones, – long duration flashes for the study of "on" and "off" responses.

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