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Ophthalmic lenses are frequently considered a good investment for life s pan. However, the huge number of choices available today in the market may be rather intimidating for the beginning ophthalmologists. NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY brings a large variety of Volk Lenses for you. Right from Classic Indirect Bio Lenses (worn on the examiners head, and from time to time attached to spectacles, that is used to examine the fundus or back of the eye) and Direct Surgical Lenses (offers high resolution direct image of the central retina) to Classic Slit Lamp Lenses (General Diagnosis and Small Pupil Examinations) and Indirect Contact Laser Lenses (High Magnification Viewing and Treatment of the Posterior Pole and perfect for focal/grid laser treatment), you will get a plethora of attractive choices to choose and gain from. Volk lenses and imaging systems are well known across the globe as the premier designer and manufacturer of accurate diagnostic and laser lenses.