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Heine- Germany

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HEINE Optotechnik brings for you quality and internationally renowned retinoscopes and spare halogen bulbs for its health devices. Beta 200 Retinoscope With Large Battery Handle is a reasonably priced device. This dustproof and maintenance-free device from the manufacturer offers single control for vergence and rotation facility. Also available from Heine is Ophthal Beta 200 LED with Rechargeable Handle that has nearly unlimited hours of working life, this maintenance-free device lasts a lifetime even as you don’t require ever changing the bulbs for it. Further, you may charge your HEINE BETA 4 USB Handle with any USB plug or other USB power source. NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY is one of leading Heine Ophthalmoscope Dealers in India, we have all the advance Heine ophthalmologist products in our list. These all are Made in German products, design from modern manufacturing technologies.