Fiber Optic Projector and Fiber Optic Head Light

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Product Specification

Fiber Optic Projector HK 7000

The F.O. Projector HK 7000(Cold Light Source) incorporates a special long-life halogen bulb rated at 150 Watts. If more light is needed for a particular examination, a boost switch can be operated, giving up to 40% more light.

  • Powerful Halogen bulb.
  • Boost switch gives up to 40% more light.
  • Extended bulb life of up to 300 hours.

MD 1000 Fiber Optic Head Light 

  • Compact , high-tech optics
  • Can be combined with HEINE High resolutions loupes for magnification from 2x -6x
  • Can be fitted with a CCD camera.
  • Light sources: HK 7000,XENON 1000 F.O. projector.
  • 50,000 lux light output at 20cm

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