HR 2.5X High Resolution Binocular Loupe – 420mm

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Product Specification

  • The brightest image. Our exclusive coated technology reduces light reflection to 0.3% providing the brightest image of any comparable loupe.
  • The crispest image with colour correction. state-of-the-art HEINE optics with achromatic lenses provide a standard for image clarity, crispness and colour compared with conventional Galilean loupes.
  • Super-wide, super-deep field of view. Improvements in our HR (High resolution) optical technology provide a super-wide, fully-useable, distortion-free field of view (up to 250mm) and the greatest depth of field (up to 290mm) to eliminate eye strain even over extended periods of use.
  • Dust- and water-Resistant. All HR loupes are Dust- and water-Resistant to IP65/IEC 60529 (2000) to ensure ease of cleaning/disinfection, and years of trouble-free use.
  • Flexibility for precise adjustment. HEINE binocular loupes have independently adjustable optics left and right to select the exact inter-pupillary distance (PD). Conventional designs using a single adjuster are always a compromise.HR loupes can be adjusted precisely for each user for optimum optical performance by means of an exceptionally-wide range of mounting positions on either frame or headband.
  • Super Light. HR optics weight only 42 grams for user-comfort even over extended periods.
  • 2.5 x magnification: the increase in magnification over 2 x is greater than the figures suggest. HR 2.5 x loupes offer an excellent balance between high magnification, field of view, depth of field, and ease of use. The 2.5 x loupes are ideal for wide range of applications such as dental, ophthalmic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The HR 2.5 x is our most popular model. Ideal for surgery and dental surgical procedures.

Available Options:






Nominal working distance





Field of view dia.





Wearing modes:

  • HEINE S-Frame®: innovative spectacle frame for HR 2.5 x, HRP
  • HEINE S-Guard®: Heine light weight headband with Heine S-Guard. Professional headband with the S-Guard splash protection. Rapid and simple adjustment of binocular loupes on the headband with the S-Guard splash protection.

Please call us for 2.5X HR Binocular Loupe with 340mm and 520mm working distances.


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