3.5x 4x 6x High Resolution Binocular Loupe

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Product Specification:
HRP Technology for highly-magnified crisp images

HRP Binocular loupes of 3.5X, 4x or 6x magnification are used when high magnification is necessary. Please note that the field of view and depth of field will decrease as magnification increases, making higher magnification loupes more difficult to get accustomed to.

  • Prismatic Optics. Only top-quality, precision glass prisms are used to provide the highest resolution and clearest, crispest images over the entire field of view “edge-to-edge”.
  • The Brightest Image in Perfect Colour. Our exclusive coating technology reduces light reflection to 0.3% allowing for optimum light transmission.
  • Dust- and Water-Resistant. All HRP loupes are dust- and water- resistant to IP65 / IEC 60529 (2000) to ensure ease of cleaning.
  • Flexibility for Precise Adjustment. HRP loupes have independently adjustable optics for selecting the exact inter-pupillary distance (PD).






Nominal working distance




Field of view dia.




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