Fiber Optic Head Light With Cable And Light Source MI 3000

Medelec Instruments has launched its range of New ENT, Ophthalmic and Eye Instruments in India. The company provides a variety of surgical instruments used during operations. Latest Equipments like Ophthalmic Instruments, Eye Instruments, ENT Instruments and many other instruments are marketed on the site of .

NEW ENT Instruments

For Nose and Throat surgeries, Medelec provides wide range of specialized New ENT instruments required during medical procedure. For ENT diagnosis, the organization provides variety of instruments for each department like;


  • 21 HOLMGREN Aural Specula Self Retaining Black Finish
  • 24 AURAL Syringe All Metal 40Z With 2 Pipe

The term used for hearing disorder in human being is known as Otology. The management has launched New ENT instruments in titanium that are Light weight, strong metal and lifetime rust proof product which diagnosis issues related to ear for the first time in India.


  • 411 KILLIAN Nasal Speculum With Fiber Otic Light Carrier
  • 423A ALAR Hook Double Ended One Side Blunt

In order to treat the sinus disorder, nose bleed, stuffy nose, loss of smell, polyps, tumors etc in human body, the company provides surgical instruments for the following disorders.


  • 630 Straight Forward Wide Angle Sinuscope 0 4mm
  • 639 Trocar And Cannula For Sinuscopy O D 5mm

The organization provides rust free stainless steel which lasts long with its high quality and unbreakable ability. The Sinuscopy instruments are used in numerous operational practices.


  • 753 Tongue Depressor Set Of 3
  • 762 NEGUS Tonsil Artery Forcep Accurate Curved

In order to treat Tonsillectomy, surgical instruments in vast range of sizes and shapes are manufactured and provided by the management.


  • 855 Laryngeal Mirrors No 1 2 3 4 5
  • 861 Mirror Handle

The organization provides surgical tools for Laryngology which helps the doctors in diagnosing the problems. The term laryngology is associated with the throat which also includes the swallowing and voice disorder.

Eye Instruments

For Eye surgeries, the organization provides its well designed and accurate equipments. With the latest eye instruments, it also provides high quality of standardized business. Latest Eye instruments are;

  • Fiber Optic Head Light With Cable And Light Source MI 3000
  • Medelec Senior Illuminated Trial Set MI 3003
  • Internally Illuminated Rotating Drum Wall Mounted Manually Operated MI 3012
  • Medelec Rotter Test Type Drum With Remote Control MI 3009
  • Retinoscope Mirror MI 3021
  • Cross Cylinder 0 25 MI 3024
  • Prism Bar Horizontal And Vertical Set MI 3030
  • Doctors Ergonomic Chair For O T And O P D Imported MI 3057
  • Instrument Tray MI 3084
  • Synopthophore MI 3072

With the team of high professionals carrying a long term experience in medics, Medelec Surgical remits the best quality equipments. Hence, it is marked as one of the best latest ENT Instruments manufacturers in India as well as in the whole surgical process in top hospitals.

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