Surgical Table – 500 XLE

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Product Specification

The perfect reclining treatment chair for Rotation System in Outpatient Operating Room!

  1. Optimized price-performance ratio
  2. Memory auto-run
    • Move chair into pre-programmed positions at the push of a button
    • The auto-run function moves the chair automatically into the desired position
  3. Electronic brake system
  4. Ample legroom and unobstructed access to the patient’s head
  5. Space-saving design for flexible use, outstanding manoeuvrability even in the most confined of spaces
  6. Multi-functional manual keypad with 4 memory positions and auto-run function
  7. Automatic switch-off, reactivation button at foot keypad
  8. Sterile working conditions without interruption thanks to adjustment functions provided by the foot keypad
  9. Not location-bound thanks to battery operation
  10. Easy maneuverability thanks to mechanic guidance operated via braking lever
  11. 360-degree rotating, electrically conductive double casters for outstanding movement characteristics
  12. Service & User – friendly access for easy cleaning and maintenance
  13. Easy mounting and dismounting, low access height
  14. Comfortable armrests for high patient safety, removable

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