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Product Specification

Reichert’s 7CR auto tonometer+ corneal response technology takes corneal biomechanical properties into the consideration, providing corneal compensated IOP (IOPcc)- a pressure measurement that is significantly less affected by the cornea than other methods of tonometry. The instrument’s unique ability to simultaneously provide a goldmann-correlated measurement (IOPg) and IOPcc, provides clinicians with a better understanding of patient tonometry values, enhancing clinicians ability
to make critical diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Reichert 7CR Features

  • IOPg (goldmann correlated IOP) and IOPcc(corneal compensated IOP) clearly displayed on color LCD
    • Best signal value (BSV) is automatically selected
  • Easy-to-use,touch-screen user interface requires minimal operator training
  • Exclusive reichert technology ensures the softest possible air puff
    • Real-time applanation detection system provides a custom air puff for every measurement
  • Simple and fast patient positioning- no chinrest,joystick,or elevation controls
    • patients simply lean against convenient left/right sliding forehead rest
    • obvious fixation cues for fast alignment
    • alignment and measurement is completely automated
  • Triple-measurement mode delivers three consecutive IOP measurements with a single button press
  • Internal printer and electronic data transfer via USB port
  • Reichert’s corneal response technology features patent US 7,481,767,B2

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