Inverter Vitrectomy System IVS

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Product Specification

IVS set include any of 2 Vitrectomy lenses, 2 handle and 1 ring
Designed to work with Zeiss, Zeiss type (Topcon, Moeller, etc.) and Leica
(Wild) microscopes. Easy to operate with steam sterilizable knob. Short profile
for use with all fixed and inclinable eyepieces. No light loss in upright mode.
Virtually no image shift when switching between upright and inverting modes.
Crystal clear optics. Compatible with all wide angle inverting vitrectomy lenses.
Available with Ocular Wide Angle Vitrectomy Lenses.

Product Code
OIVSL                  IVS for leica (Wild) microscopes
OIVSZ                  IVS for Zeiss and Zeiss Type microscopes

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