Heine Beta 200S LED Direct Ophthalmoscope with Rechargeable Battery Handle


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Product Specification

The BETA200S LED has virtually unlimited hours of working life (up to 100,000 hours). No need to ever replace bulbs. Maintenance-free for a lifetime.

  • LED in HQ with continuous brightness control
  • 74 single step design on a non-continuous wheel avoiding extreme diopter jumps (-36D to +38D).
  • Aspherical optical system
  • Aluminium frame system
  • Eliminates corneal reflex
  • Ideal for small pupils
  • Dustproof

Beta4 USB Rechargeable Handle

  • You can charge your HEINE BETA4 USB Handle with any USB plug or other USB power source.
  • Quick charge: approx. 4 hours to recharge.
  • Li-ion technology: no “memory effect”.
  • High capacity: more than double the capacity compared to previous NiMH rechargeable batteries.

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