Guarded Knives

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Product Specification

72-1501G         15°                         Stab,guarded

72-2763G         2.75mm        Clear Corneal, angled, guarded
72-2863G         2.85mm       Clear Corneal, angled, guarded

72-2561G         2.5mm           Slit angled, guarded
72-2661G         2.65mm       Slit angled, guarded
72-2761G          2.75mm       Slit angled, guarded
72-2861G         2.85mm       Slit angled, guarded
72-2961G          3.0mm          Slit angled, guarded
72-3261G          3.2mm           Slit angled, guarded

74-1010G          2.0mm           Cresecent, angled guarded

78-2010G         1.1mm            ClearPort™ Paracentesis, angled, guarded

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