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Product Specification

With the Adaptable Advantage
The AVE offers almost all vitrectomy system users a sophisticated, yet inexpensive upgrade path to high-speed vitreous cutting. It will work with virtually any surgical system that has a vitreous cutter drive source, either pneumatic or electrical.

MID Labs Offers
The AVE provides the means of operating a MID Labs DuraProbe Vitrector at up to 2500 cuts per minute. The AVE is a self- contained console with an internal compressor. It utilizes proprietary pulse waveform shaping technology (U.S. Patent 6,575,990) to drive the performance-matched vitreous cutter.

High Speed Cutting up to 2500 Cuts/Min
The pressure required by the DuraProbe Vitrector is one half that of the most popular pneumatic vitrectors. Lower pressure results in less power introduced into the cutter, allowing for finer control, quieter operation and less vibration over the entire cutting range.

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