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20d Lens Ophthalmology Specification

BIO Lenses

Field of




Laser Spot

Mag. Factor



Primary Application

20D Large

46° / 60°



50 mm

General Diagnosis & Treatment

NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY gives high quality products and services at reasonable prices to the Ophthalmologists in India. For those looking for some of the finest 20D Lens, National has  some very fine products, sourced from across the globe, from some of the best names in the field. 

20D Lens Ophthalmology are usually employed for binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy even as these lenses offer an absolutely balanced magnification not to mention field of view. This makes these lenses more than perfect for the general diagnostic examination. 

These large 20D lens are one of the most familiar lenses across the globe. Perfect balance of field of view and magnification of the 20D, these are some of the features of these lenses that make the device incredibly popular. The working distance of 50 mm also makes lens manipulation a rather good experience for the examiner. 

This lens is perfect for general diagnosis of patients with a 3.13x magnification and field of view that facilitates visualization till the mid peripheral region. The vibrant examination with the right eye movements by the patients enables viewing of the peripheral retina even as an all-inclusive examination by BIO in the primary position provides a wide-ranging analysis of the health of the retina.

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