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NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY – A reputed supplier of a variety of healthcare and medical devices, brings first-rate Vitrectomy Lenses from some of the most globally renowned makers. If you are a health professional, or running a health center, and require these health equipment’s, you will get some of the finest lenses, sourced from all over the world. From Non Autoclavable Owiv-HMNA to Non Autoclavable Oliv-WFNA to Non Autoclavable Oliv-EQNA to Autoclavable Owiv-HM to Autoclavable Oliv-WF to Autoclavable Oliv-EQ-2, you will get a variety of high-quality lenses to suit all budgets and requirements. These Vitrectomy lenses are magnified direct view lens and offer high clarity – high image quality earlier not found in disposable/single use lenses even as these have low profile design for the ease of use.